For the Love of Gospel Episodes

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I was on the web and found these mini episodes called “For the Love of Gospel”. They are hilarious and you should totally check them out! Below are some of my favorite ones. Enjoy!


For The Love Of Gospel – Episode 1 – Kirk Franklin At A Restaurant

Fred Hammond and Donnie McClurkin – Singing Lessons with Rance Allen

or The Love Of Gospel – Episode 5 – Sunday Best Contestant Goes Off

Also…for your enjoyment as well…

Interview with Pastor Russ

For our first major assignment in Journalism, we have been asked to interview somebody so that we could later create a story. I have decided to interview Pastor Russ Jones, who is the praise in worship leader at the Crossing Church in Tampa. The interview will take place this coming Monday or Tuesday at 3 pm. I chose to interview Pastor Russ because I was curious about how he got started in music. I also have heard him say that he was a pastor’s kid; so I wanted to know more about that. I wanted to most importantly know what advice that he would give young musicians that want to pursue in music and/or want to be worship leaders. Also, my love for music, myself has inspired me to want to interview Pastor Russ. I am totally looking forward to meeting with him! pastor russ

Canton Jones: Busier Than Ever!

In case you haven’t heard of him before…Canton Jones is a gospel singer, rapper, producer, husband, father of four and most recently, pastor of Free Life Church in Morrow Georgia. He was born in Deerfield Beach, Florida and has 14 combined albums and EP’s under his belt (20 Years, 3 Months, & 12 Days; Love Jones; The Password: Access Granted; Kingdom Business Parts 1-4; Dominionaire; Dominionaire Remixed; Go Mode; Lust, Drugs, and Gospel; Godcity; Fanatic; I am Justice; and Greatness). This Morehouse Alumni has worked with some of the greatest names in gospel music including: Kiki Sheard, Tye Tribbett, William Murphy, Williamblue_hat_22x McDowell and Deitrick Haddon. Canton Jones has many awards and accolades, which include: a 2012 Grammy nomination, Stellar Award nomination, 3 Gospel Choice Awards, Trailblazer in Media and Entertainment Award and has received the keys to the city of Carrollton, Georgia. Jones serves Georgia school systems by speaking and ministering in song to students in K-12. He also serves troubled youth by speaking and ministering in song to juvenile centers and at risk high schools. He is married to singer, Ramona Jones and they have four children together: Justice, Dominion, Canaan and Love. In the winter of 2015, Jones joined the Preacher’s of Atlanta cast along side Pastor/ singer Le’Andria Johnson, Pastor Cory Hambrick, Pastor Kimberly Jones-Pothier and Pastor Judah Swilley. The show has completed 3 seasons and it is unclear if there will be a fourth. Canton realeased his latest EP entitled Greatness in September of 2017. A popular track on the EP is “Won’t He Do it”, which can be heard on Kirk Franklin’s Praise on Sirius XM. In 2016, Canton felt called to start his own church called Free Life, with his wife, Ramona, as co-pastor. His church services are on Thursdays at 7 pm, and can be watched live weekly. Canton doesn’t just reach to young people through church. He often has picnics or games of basketball that people can participate in, still with the goal of leading them to Christ and a better life. Canton says, “God is challenging me and my team to put God in the culture”. Below are the links to three of the songs on the latest Canton Jones EP, “Greatness”. Enjoy!


Won’t He Do It!

Pretty Girls Pray

A little bit about me!

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My name is Destinee Johnson and I am so excited to be doing my first blog post. I was born in Evanston, Illinois and I remained in that state until I was 16. In October of 2015, my family and I decided to move to Tampa, Fl and let me just say that it was the best decision that our family has ever made. I was born with a brittle bone disease, known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta. I have broken so many bones that it is hard to count all of the times that I was in the hospital. I also had a tracheotomy, due to having floppy airways and my lungs collapsing at a young age. Along with the broken bones and a trach, I also had a gastrostomy tube  (g-tube) in my stomach  because up until I was about 5 years old, I was unable to eat anything by mouth. Having a broken bone, meant that I was going to be out of school for a while. Tutors would come and give me my work; so I never had to worry about not entering the next grade. However, being away from kids my age and not being able to do some of the things that the other kids could do often made me depressed. That is when I developed my love for writing and reading. I read so many books that I found myself reading more than watching TV. I wrote so much that my journals would be filled before I knew it. My goal is to become either a sports journalists or a music journalists. I am between these fields because my two favorite things in the whole world are singing/writing music and watching sports (preferably basketball). Because of this, I anticipate my blog to talk about the latest music and sports news.